About Sally Miller

Sally Miller (BA Princeton, MA, PhD Cornell University, MES York University) has worked in sustainable food and agriculture for almost twenty years both in Canada and in the U.S. She has extensive experience as a consultant and manager in a variety of food and agriculture co-operatives and enterprises (including the Ontario Natural Food Co-op and Organic Meadow, as well as Greenstar Co-op and Finger Lakes Organic in the U.S.). She was a founder of the Fourth Pig Worker Co-op in 2007, a natural building worker co-op. In 2008-2012, she worked with Toronto’s West End communities to develop one of Canada’s first non-profit multi-stakeholder co-ops, the West End Food Co-op.

Publications include a book on innovative approaches to achieving a more equitable and sustainable food system (Edible Action, Fernwood Publishing, 2008), a recent book on land and food (Belongings, Fernwood Publishing, 2016),  and various research reports and articles on food, farming and land. Sally worked with FarmStart to develop alternative financing for new farmers and with Toronto Public Health and the Parkdale Food Flow project on community food distribution. She was the Project Coordinator for the Regional Food Hub Project at the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network, based at the Ontario Natural Food Co-op, and the Research Coordinator for the Toronto region for the international City Region Food Systems project beginning in 2015.